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SWCR Adoption Fees are $275 for puppies (younger than 12 months), $225 for adult collies (12 months old to under 10 years), and $150 for seniors (10 years or older).The adoption fee helps cover shelter fees and medical expenses.  A home visit is required before an adoption may be approved.  Please contact an SWCR representative to request an adoption application.  For more information or to download the adoption application, go to our Adopting a Collie page.

Information last updated October 20, 2014
No match has been made yet for these dogs between SWCR and a qualified adopter.  A qualified adopter has completed an application and has had a successful home visit.
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Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Smooth
Age: 8
Rescued: Phoenix AZ
Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio: Bella still needs a little more treatment for Valley Fever, but she is doing well. Bio in progress. For more information about Bella, please contact Bill Ferrell at bkferrell@cox.net




Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety : N/A
Age: 8
Rescued: Stanley NM
Fostered: Edgewood NM
Bio: Bella’s foster mom transcribed Bella’s bio for her. Here is what Isabella had to say.

“ Hi my name is Isabella, Bella for short, and I'm 8 years old.  I'm a very good girl and have a sweet disposition.  I got taken to the groomer because my coat was so matted....lot's of bad hair days!  I feel so much better and my coat is growing back.  Regular brushing really helps!!   My foster mom and I are both on diets, I weigh in at 43 lbs.  She won't tell me how much she weighs. I am up to date on all my shots and recently had my teeth cleaned.  The doctor had to pull two because they were bad, but the rest are fine.

I'm really shy and a bit timid around people I don't know but I'm getting better about that.  It really helps if you stay put and let me come to you.    I love to walk on the leash.  Sometimes when I don't want to get up and out of my bed, my foster mom puts on my leash, then we go outside for breakfast.    I definitely do not like thunderstorms.  When a bad storm hit, I crawled into my foster mom's lap and stayed there ‘til the storm passed.  I still don't like storms, but I feel very safe in my bed which is where I head at the first roll of thunder. 

Come meet me soon!“ 

Bella is spayed and current on all her shots and is in good health. She is ready for her new forever home. For more information about Bella, contact Arlene at arlenestarkey@q.com



isabella head




Sex: Male
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Rough
Age: 4-6
Rescued: El Paso TX April 2013
Fostered: Santa Fe NM
Bio: Danny is a special needs dog, in that he is blind (we were told that he has been blind from birth). His disability does not stop him from thoroughly enjoying life and being a wonderful guy.

This is the initial report from Danny's foster mom: Danny is able to navigate the house very well, especially when he is calm. When he gets excited and wants to play or go for a walk he tends to bump into things, although he quickly rights himself and continues on. Danny is quite adept at the doggie door and moves freely from inside to out when the foster family is home. He enjoys sniffing the yard and has been seen trying to initiate play with the two resident collies and the border collie mix. So far only the most submissive collie has been seen playing with him. The resident dogs get along fine with Danny, they're just not sure of his signals yet. Danny enjoys toys and is often seen entertaining himself with soft toys. He throws one up in the air, finds it again and then thrashes it from side to side. With a little coaxing from the foster mom, Danny and one of the resident collies will play tug-of-war with a soft toy. 

Since Danny is a big, active dog, the foster mom has found the most effective way to exercise Danny is to take him on daily jogs. Using a short lead, Danny is able to hear and feel his foster mom as they jog on a road that isn't heavily traveled. Danny also enjoys going on trail hikes with the resident dogs, although they are slower walks because there are more obstacles to help Danny navigate. Danny is very good on lead when he is calm. And, it appears that Danny has been taught the basic commands "sit" and "leave it."

Danny is one special guy, and we feel he will be the happiest in a home with no dogs, or one very easy-going dog. This boy loves human interaction and can't get enough pets and hugs. He thrives on routines - being led outside first thing in the morning, eating his meals in a separate room (since foster home has resident dogs), walking/jogging on the left, taking treats in a particular spot, etc. As to be expected with a dog who is vision impaired, Danny has shown behaviors that a prospective adopter must take into consideration. He displays food guarding behaviors with the resident dogs and once with the foster dad. Danny also marks in the house, although that has lessened a bit since his arrival at his foster home. We're hoping the marking will end as Danny becomes totally comfortable navigating the home. He tends to mark corners to help him find his way.

Danny is up to date on shots, neutered, heartworm negative, and apparently a very healthy guy. For more information on this amazing, special collie, please contact Lee at at leemore@mac.com




These dogs have been matched with a qualified adopter and wait only for the final details of adoption to take place.  THEY ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR A NEW ADOPTER TO CONSIDER. 



Sex: F
Color: S/W
Variety: Probably smooth, but may turn out to be a rough
Age: 5-6 months
Rescued: Las Cruces NM
Fostered: Rio Rancho NM
Bio: Bridget had hip surgery to remove a shattered ball joint and dislocation of her left hip, injuries she apparently incurred by being hit by a vehicle. She is recovering well and has been moved to a Foster to Adopt home for further rehab and a spay, when recovery from her surgery permits.





Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: N/A
Age: 4-6
Rescued: Albuquerque NM

Shelley went home to her Foster To Adopt family. She will complete her vetting prior to her formal adoption which will occur soon.



KADY – a Mini-Aussie Sheltie mix

Sex: Female
Color: Sable & White
Age: 5-6
Rescued: Hobbs, NM Dec. 2012
Fostered: Rio Rancho NM

Kady is probably "already home"  in her foster house.





Sex: Male
Color: Tri Color
Variety: Rough
Age: 5
Rescued: Phoenix AZ August 2011
Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio: Hershey is a very distinctive looking rough-coat collie who gets a lot of comments about his unusual color.  That is actually the result of his having Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (Gray Collie Syndrom). It is a genetic stem cell disorder that occurs in Collies. This disorder is caused by an abnormality of the stem cells in the bone marrow from which all blood cells are developed. The result is a cyclic fluctuation in blood cell numbers.

Hershey has a "spell" about once a month for two days where the number of neutrophils drop dramatically, then rebounds. During his spell, he is mopey, doesn't want to eat and he drools a lot. The rest of the time he acts like a normal dog. Affected dogs rarely live beyond 3 years of age and often die within the first few weeks. Hershey is about 5 years old so he is definitely different. We have consulted some specialists and some feedback suggests that since he has lived this long that he may live a relatively normal lifespan.  Symptoms of this condition are that the dogs are typically smaller, have gray noses, gray coloring, are prone to bacterial infections, bleeding issues, bad teeth, and have small eyes. Hershey is not on any treatments nor has he had any treatments in the past. He was on an antibiotic when we received him for swollen gums, but hasn't had any problems since.

His medical issues are a shame because he is just a laidback, sweet boy. He is very friendly and loves attention. He is usually quiet except when his foster parents come home, then he will bark. He would rather be inside then outside or wherever his foster parents are. He is housebroken, uses the doggie door, like to ride in cars and walks well on a leash. He gets along with other dogs, rabbits, and kids. We don’t know if he gets along with cats but would be shocked if he did not. He doesn't play ball or tug. Doesn't seem to want to play with other dogs, but he will roughhouse with his foster parents. 

Hershey is now on permanent medical hold. He is too frail to be adopted.