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SWCR Adoption Fees are $275 for puppies (younger than 12 months), $225 for adult collies (12 months old to under 10 years), and $150 for seniors (10 years or older). The adoption fee helps cover shelter fees and medical expenses.  A home visit is required before an adoption may be approved.  Please contact an SWCR representative to request an adoption application.  For more information or to download the adoption application, go to our Adopting a Collie page.

Information last updated May 25, 2015
No match has been made yet for these dogs between SWCR and a qualified adopter.  A qualified adopter has completed an application and has had a successful home visit.
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Sex: Female
Color: Black, White and Tan
Variety: N/A
Age: 5
Rescued: Hobbs NM
Fostered: Alamogordo NM
Coordinator: Kathy Wallis at katwallis1@msn.com

Belle is probably going to an AZ home shortly!




Sex: Male
Color: Tri
Variety: Rough
Age: 11
Rescued: Gilbert AZ
Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio:Max is 11 years young. He is in great shape and often prances like a young guy when it's time to run toward the back door for supper. He gets along well with cats and kids. He is fine with dogs but a little intimidate by big dogs. Max shows no signs of aggression especially when eating. He does not get on the furniture nor does he counter surf. He will scratch at the door when it's time to go outside. Max has a cute personality; he loves to "chat" or make chortling sounds to let you know he needs a hug. He sounds like a "wookie". He knows various commands and knows when the lights go off its time to sleep. Max would make a great family pet! For more information about Max, please contact Cindy Reel at reelracer@aol.com.




Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: N/A
Rescued: Las Cruces NM
Fostered: Phoenix AZ
: Faith is about a year and a half old very rambunctious, playful, and social young lady. Through a “generous” or liberal categorization as potentially collie she was brought into our program as a stray and in her emaciated state was at death’s door.  Through a fair amount of love and attention she is currently thriving, has gained a healthy amount of weight and is using her new found energy to make friends.  Given her unknown background and condition it is not surprising that she had no identified formal training.  Currently, she is house-trained but the other training items are basic at best.  Still, with her friendly personality and a little training focus we are sure she can be a well-behaved girl.  She has been very friendly with all dogs she meets and pretty much seeks out other dogs.  We are unsure about cats but suspect she would be very inquisitive.  Given her energy level and now fairly strong and unrestrained personality we think she would be best with older children that would not, for instance, be potentially knocked over, or can handle her on a leash.  She would be great in an active household that could give her a fair amount of exercise.

Faith is now spayed, been heartworm tested, current on shots, and microchipped. For more information about Faith, please contact Bill Ferrell at bkferrell@cox.net

These dogs have been matched with a qualified adopter and wait only for the final details of adoption to take place.  THEY ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR A NEW ADOPTER TO CONSIDER. 



Sex: Male
Color: Sable and White
Variety: N/A
Age: 8
Rescued: Albuquerque NM
Fostered: Albuquerque NM
Bio: This poor stray boy was probably mauled by a coyote (or perhaps a dog) and has a long wound over his back. The shelter vet cleaned out the maggots and stitched up the wound. If that was not enough, he picked up kennel cough at the shelter. But now he is well and ready to be adopted. He did lose some serious coat to the surgeon’s clippers, which is slowly growing back in. He is a sweet, active sheltie, current on his shots and housebroken.

Beau is expected to be adopted by Ann in June.




Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: N/A
Age: 11
Rescued: Albuquerque NM
Fostered: Tijeras NM

Heidi will be adopted by Della in Litchfield Park AZ as soon as her vetting is completed.




Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Smooth
Age: 1 1/2
Rescued: Las Cruces NM
Fostered: Phoenix AZ

Emmy is not available for another adopter at present.




Livvy, a 4-6 months old sable and white smooth collie, is and hopelessly cute, and has some mange, mostly on her head. Livvy is in a Foster to Adopt home in Alamogorgo NM, and awaits a spay and further vetting.




Prince, a 2 year old sable and white smooth collie, has heartworms and will need extensive treatment over a long time. Prince is now in his FTA home being treated for his heartworm. He still needs to be neutered, but he is most likely already in his final home in Amarillo TX.




Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Smooth
Age: 4-5
Rescued: Tomball TX July 2014
Permanently Fostered: Rio Rancho NM
Bio: In October 2014, Cassidy, a Tomball collie, appeared healthy at adoption time became quite stiff, was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. After spending the night at the emergency hospital that ran a lot of tests, her internist vet diagnosed as Immune-mediated polyarthrisis IMPA). The treatment was prednisone and cyclosporine, and she seemed to respond to it initially. Every time the dosage was reduced, she would relapse.

Then some more problems came along. Her health issues now include a history of recurrent IMPA, leukocytosis, anemia, hypoalbuninemia and suspected systemic inflammatory response syndrome…what a list for such a young girl. Another overnight visit to the emergency hospital and many dollars later, she appears to be on the mend. But that can change in the future and symptoms may reappear. Since she is definitely a difficult case, SWCR asked her adoptive mother if we could take her back financially. So, Cassidy remains a permanent foster with her loving mom.




Sex: Male
Color: Tri Color
Variety: Rough
Age: 6
Rescued: Phoenix AZ August 2011
Permanently Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio: Hershey is a very distinctive looking rough-coat collie who gets a lot of comments about his unusual color.  That is actually the result of his having Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (Gray Collie Syndrom). It is a genetic stem cell disorder that occurs in Collies. This disorder is caused by an abnormality of the stem cells in the bone marrow from which all blood cells are developed. The result is a cyclic fluctuation in blood cell numbers.

Hershey has a "spell" about once a month for two days where the number of neutrophils drop dramatically, then rebounds. During his spell, he is mopey, doesn't want to eat and he drools a lot. The rest of the time he acts like a normal dog. Affected dogs rarely live beyond 3 years of age and often die within the first few weeks. Hershey is about 6 years old so he is definitely different. We have consulted some specialists and some feedback suggests that since he has lived this long that he may live a relatively normal lifespan.  Symptoms of this condition are that the dogs are typically smaller, have gray noses, gray coloring, are prone to bacterial infections, bleeding issues, bad teeth, and have small eyes. Hershey is not on any treatments nor has he had any treatments in the past. He was on an antibiotic when we received him for swollen gums, but hasn't had any problems since.

His medical issues are a shame because he is just a laidback, sweet boy. He is very friendly and loves attention. He is usually quiet except when his foster parents come home, then he will bark. He would rather be inside then outside or wherever his foster parents are.

Hershey is now on permanent medical hold. He is too frail to be adopted.