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SWCR Adoption Fees are $275 for puppies (younger than 12 months), $225 for adult collies (12 months old to under 10 years), and $150 for seniors (10 years or older). The adoption fee helps cover shelter fees and medical expenses.  A home visit is required before an adoption may be approved.  Please contact an SWCR representative to request an adoption application.  For more information or to download the adoption application, go to our Adopting a Collie page.

Information last updated July 19, 2016


No match has been made yet for these dogs between SWCR and a qualified adopter.  A qualified adopter has completed an application and has had a successful home visit.

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Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Smooth
Age: 10 1/2
Rescued: Los Alamos NM
Fostered: Albuquerque NM
Bio: Brownie is a gorgeous smooth Collie cross that is about 11 years old but you’d never know it. Her easy-care coat has coloring in multiple shades of gold with a speckled chest, collar and front legs. She is a bit underweight from being a short-time stray but she has a wonderful appetite and is gaining her weight back. She doesn’t get cross around the food bowl with humans or other dogs. She loves rides in the truck and is non-aggressively vocal with passersby but will quiet down when told to. She will sleep through the night anywhere in the house. And, she is completely housebroken. She is very good on a leash though her energy tugs a bit.

Brownie has boundless energy but listens well, loves to play keep-away and is highly social with animals and humans alike. She loves human contact and affection and doesn’t seem prone to run away. In fact, she will follow her people anywhere. For more information about Brownie, please contact Arlene at arlenestarkey@q.com.





Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Rough
Age: 8
Rescued: Phoenix AZ
Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio: Bella is an 8 year female, rough coated collie, on the smaller side. She lost her right hind leg at the age of 5 months old from an injury when she fell out the back of a pickup truck, she gets around well but has arthritis in her back and left leg and will often scoot around when she tired or hurting, She is on medication for the arthritis.

Bella gets along great with other dogs and enjoys their companionship, we are unsure about cats but given her gentle nature we think she would do fine. She is house trained and will use a dog door, rides well in a car but may need help getting in and out depending on the height, she is used to getting on the couch and having free roam of the house. Bella will bark at strangers but is friendly otherwise, she has not been leash trained but should do well with some work. She is current on her vaccinations, is spayed and micro-chipped. For more information about Bella, please contact Cindy Reel at reelracer@aol.com.





Sex: Female
Color: White
Variety: N/A
Age: 8-10
Rescued: Alamogordo NM
Fostered: Rio Rancho NM
Bio: Bailey is a Sheltie/Australian Shepard mix with a gentle spirit and has been a joy to care for. She is current on shots and doesn’t have heartworm and is in excellent health. She shows no sign of joint issues but has a hard time getting up due to her weight. Bailey was 60 lbs at last weigh in and doctor’s orders are to lose 20 lbs. We are working on this and she is getting healthier and more and more energy. She is good with other dogs and gentle children. She is food protective, so feeding her separately from other dogs would be advised.

She is smart and tries to self-correct. She does need to learn manners (sit, stay, greeting guests, no begging) but she is easily workable. She is house trained and has not had one accident and learned to use the dog door. What a joy she is to foster! She cuddles and loves hugs and will be an excellent companion to her future pack leader. Her temperament and energy level is low key but she does enjoy a walk. She is not an obsessive barker but will let you know when it is time to eat, come inside or tell off the Great Dane next door. I could not say enough good about her but can tell you she will be a great gift to her fur-ever mistress or master! For more information about Bailey, please contact Arlene at arlenestarkey@q.com.




Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Rough
Age: 12 1/2
Rescued: Yuma AZ
Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio: Brandi is a 12.5 year old rough collie that was given up by her owner when her owner had to go into a nursing home. We got Brandi with three other collies from the same household. Brandi is a gentle soul who still seems a bit disoriented in her foster home. She does seem more comfortable with people and other dogs around and so she knows she is not alone. Otherwise, she is prone to barking until you make your presence felt. She has displayed some minor separation anxiety. We do believe she has some sight impairment. She is currently in a household with several other dogs. While she has not really interacted with them we do believe she feels better with them around. She was used to a multidog household in her prior owner’s home. She is not very active and spends a fair amount of time napping. Her housetraining appears good and she will readily do her business when outside. She really does not like to be led places although is better with a leash. If prompted without it she will typically just “shut down”. Other than the vision issue she appears to be in good health. For more information about Brandi, please contact Bill at bkferrell@cox.net

These dogs have been matched with a qualified adopter and wait only for the final details of adoption to take place.  THEY ARE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR A NEW ADOPTER TO CONSIDER. 



Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Rough
Age: 10
Rescued: Phoenix AZ
Fostered: Phoenix AZ

Honey condition is improving rapidly. SWCR thanks all the generous donors who made her treatment for cancer possible. We will continue to update her condition.



Sex: Female
Color: Sable and White
Variety: Rough
Age: 9-10
Rescued: Phoenix AZ
Fostered: Phoenix AZ

Sandy is having recurrent seizures of undetermined nature (after serious vet specialist exams) and will remain on medical hold. She is not available for adoption at this time.



Sex: Male
Color: Blue Merle
Variety: N/A
Age: 10-12
Rescued: Santa Fe NM
Fostered: Santa Fe NM
Bio: Gray was a mess when he was rescued from the Santa Fe shelter in May. Since then, he’s had plenty of medical attention, good food, and lots of baths for his skin condition. The result: He’s doing beautifully. Though his back legs aren’t strong, he runs/hops when he’s feeling playful or excited. He doesn’t hear so well but responds immediately to visual cues. His coat is becoming beautiful and soft. And he adores his humans. He’ll sleep beside your bed all night. No accidents in the house if he’s let outdoors at regular intervals. He plays well with other dogs, loves affection and happily gives kisses. This old fellow would make a lovely companion for someone who’s home most of the time.




Kady was diagnosed with diabetes and Cushing’s syndrome based on a comprehensive blood test and several clinical symptoms…drinking a lot of water, peeing frequently, lethargy, large appetite, weight gain with no ability to control it, and more. The blood test illuminated some major issues…a high blood sugar count and severe liver damage, and some other stuff out of normal range. We elected to try to bring the diabetes under control with insulin over the first two months.

That and additional testing have confirmed that she also has pitutary gland Cushing’s syndrome. but we will not know until we do some testing for that. She exhibits 8 of 10 Cushing’s clinical signs (some of which are also on the diabetes list as well). Testing for a dog with both diabetes and Cushing’s is tricky since findings of any test can be negatively influenced by the other, and “tricky” means many tests and many expenses just for the proper Cushing’s diagnosis. The good news is now that the proper Cushing’s diagnoses has been made, she can be stabilized and enjoy a great life on medication for years.

She is now on daily medications and feeling much better.




Sex: Female
Color: Black, White and Tan
Variety: N/A
Age: 5
Rescued: Hobbs NM
Fostered: Alamogordo NM
Coordinator: Kathy Wallis at katwallis1@msn.com

Belle is in need of some additional vetting before she can be adopted.





Sex: Male
Color: Tri Color
Variety: Rough
Age: 10
Rescued: Phoenix AZ August 2011
Permanently Fostered: Phoenix AZ
Bio: Hershey is a very distinctive looking rough-coat collie who gets a lot of comments about his unusual color.  That is actually the result of his having Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (Gray Collie Syndrom). It is a genetic stem cell disorder that occurs in Collies. This disorder is caused by an abnormality of the stem cells in the bone marrow from which all blood cells are developed. The result is a cyclic fluctuation in blood cell numbers.

Hershey has a "spell" about once a month for two days where the number of neutrophils drop dramatically, then rebounds. During his spell, he is mopey, doesn't want to eat and he drools a lot. The rest of the time he acts like a normal dog. Affected dogs rarely live beyond 3 years of age and often die within the first few weeks. Hershey is about 6 years old so he is definitely different. We have consulted some specialists and some feedback suggests that since he has lived this long that he may live a relatively normal lifespan.  Symptoms of this condition are that the dogs are typically smaller, have gray noses, gray coloring, are prone to bacterial infections, bleeding issues, bad teeth, and have small eyes. Hershey is not on any treatments nor has he had any treatments in the past. He was on an antibiotic when we received him for swollen gums, but hasn't had any problems since.

His medical issues are a shame because he is just a laidback, sweet boy. He is very friendly and loves attention. He is usually quiet except when his foster parents come home, then he will bark. He would rather be inside then outside or wherever his foster parents are.

Hershey is now on permanent medical hold. He is too frail to be adopted.